Blühen at Rhythm and Blooms 2019

Community Support :: Support Request

All of us at Blühen Botanicals recognize the importance of giving back to, and enhancing, the communities we live, work, and play. Our community investment priorities reflect the nature of our business and focuses on the pillars where we feel Blühen Botanicals will make an impact: protecting our agriculture and environment, encouraging health and wellness, and enhancing communities through arts and culture.

Why do these pillars matter to our team?

BLOOM :: Agriculture + Environment

The ground, the soil, and its farmer matter - period. Blühen Botanicals has partnered with farmers and our horticulturists, plant pathologists, agronomists, and entomologists work closely together to ensure the overall health of hemp crops throughout the US. We see, and value, this planet and the plants, flowers, oxygen, and animals [and humans] that call it home.

FLOURISH :: Arts + Culture

All of us at Blühen Botanicals have a common interest: arts and culture. It’s personal - and we take it that way. We feel that every successful city has arts and culture as a focus are just as important to the growth of a community as clean air and healthy minds.

THRIVE :: Health + Wellness

Because your wellness is our mission. Literally. It’s our tagline. Every hemp formula Blühen Botanicals creates is thoughtfully grown, tested, formulated, and crafted to best meet your needs and expectations. We care about the health and wellness of every one of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones - including those of the four-legged variety.

All requests for community support sponsorships for consideration by Blühen Botanicals must be submitted through our online application system at least 60 days in advance of the event. The proposals meeting our pillars, strategic goals and objectives, and budget will be considered for support.


Applications that are faxed or mailed will be returned to the organization with an invitation to apply through the online application.