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Cultivating Integrity

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Quality You Can Trust

From seed to shelf, Blühen Botanicals’ team participates in every part of product development ensuring each ingredient is intentionally sourced and processed to deliver the finest, U.S. grown hemp. Quality and trust are at the forefront of our mission.

The Science Behind Premium Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol Isolate

Hemp Flower

Blühen has partnered with select farms throughout the US to provide non-GMO, all natural, premium hemp grown without herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.

Blühen’s experienced horticulturists, plant pathologists, agronomists, and entomologists work directly with our farming partners to ensure the best yield and overall health of their crop.

Every product that leaves Blühen’s extraction facility includes a Certificate of Analysis provided by a certified testing lab.

From genetics to farming to the safest, most effective method of extraction, Blühen Botanicals implements quality assurance protocols to ensure top-grade and trustworthy products are brought into the marketplace.

Compliance and Formulations you can trust

Blühen is a vertically integrated company and strategically positioned to provide FDA-level quality of raw materials, processes and solutions.

Pharmaceutical companies and international, large-scale manufacturers can trust Blühen Botanicals to yield ultra-pure hemp-derived cannabidiol isolate that meet the strictest regulatory requirements including the build out of an ISO-compliant and cGMP quality system with an organic certification.  

Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol Isolate

Blühen Botanicals' Team of Experts

Joe Fox

As a Knoxville entrepreneur known for his realty business and rehab and development projects, Joe Fox is passionate about building sustainable industries to elevate local and regional economies. To that end, he’s engaged an expert team to bring the Blühen vision to fruition.

Erich Maelzer
Director of Horticulture/Co-Founder

Owning 23 years experience as an expert grower, Erich operates a popular YouTube channel with more than a million views. He has grown plants in every medium and prides himself on his knowledge of deep-water culture and grow lighting technology. Erich’s passion for horticulture and grow forums led to a partnership with Joe in 2016 to begin planning what is now Blühen Botanicals.

Colleen M. Bender
VP of Business Development

Colleen is committed to building strategic partnerships and to fostering new market opportunities. After studying science and business at Penn State, she spent 17 years working with Fortune 500 companies on healthcare product strategy, consumer engagement, and B2B relationships.

Matthew DeBardelaben Director of International Partnerships

Matthew is an experienced farmer, an innovative project-manager and dedicated community-builder. His experience in both the U.S. and China as well as his community involvement offers Blühen a unique combination of skills.

Don Fowlkes, PhD
Director of Farm Operations

Don has a Ph.D. in Agronomy and after 34 years working as a soil science and crop production expert in the tobacco industry, Don was charmed away by hemp. The skills he brings to the Blühen “table” have already accelerated our growth and it’s obvious that our future together is going to be big and bright.  

Nate Futral
Lab Manager

Nate studied Analytical and Organic Chemistry and has spent 10 years in the industry honing his cultivation, extraction/processing, and product development skills. Lucky for us, he’s the guy standing at the helm of our lab, ensuring only the highest quality products make it to market.

Matt Hatcher
Product Development Specialist

Matt, who studied horticulture at East Tennessee State University, spent two decades administering the science of his craft as a managing chef. During ten of those years, he worked in the organic, natural foods industry developing products and programming, opening stores and managing teams. Matt is currently working to expand the Blühen Botanicals' product line.

Mitch Howard
Quality Manager

Mitch has built his 25 years of Quality Assurance and Engineering expertise in the medical device, nuclear hazardous waste transportation and semiconductor capital equipment industries. Mitch is currently building an ISO-compliant and cGMP Quality System with an Organic Certification to serve Blühen’s customers across many industries. 

Cody Seals
Senior Farm and Extraction Advisor

A plant and soil science graduate from Middle Tennessee State University, Cody recently completed an industrial hemp-focused master’s degree from UT. An expert on industrial hemp, he helped structure the state chapter of the National Hemp Industries Association and currently serves on the board of the Tennessee Hemp Industries Association.

Dustin Welch
Senior Chemist

Dustin has over ten years of analytical chemistry experience and extensive knowledge about cannabis, including expert knowledge of closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction. He has a BA of Science in Chemistry with collateral in Physics and Mathematics. These skills combined with his industry experience make him the perfect person as Blühen's senior chemist.

Blühen Botanicals is a hemp biomass processing and extraction company with farming and distribution partners across the globe. Blühen’s team of experts produce hemp-derived cannabidiol and custom formulations for their own blend of boutique wellness products. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, Blühen Botanicals is where science meets hemp.