Blühen’s experienced horticulturists, plant pathologists, agronomists, and entomologists work directly with our farming partners to ensure the best yield and overall health of their crop.

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As the 2020 planting season approaches, we understand that many farmers might be experiencing restlessness at the thought of planting hemp whether this is your fist year or seventh. If it’s your first-time planting hemp you’re likely researching hemp agronomics and wondering why there seems to be no consistency to planting methods, yields, or even harvesting.You might read that hemp is free of any pests, requires no fertilizing to succeed, and will actually replenish the land on which its grown.

While hemp is an incredible plant, success of a good crop is dependent on correct planting methods, appropriate nutrient regimes, and mitigation of pests that will certainly diminish yield if not properly managed.

Our services include custom integrated pest management programs tailored to each farm, discounts to consumables like fertilizers, plastic mulch, and irrigation supplies, hemp variety/strain recommendation as well as procurement, equipment recommendations and more.

Blühen’s farm team shined during the 2019 farming season. We worked to procure the best genetics, distributed over 1 million hemp seedlings, then provided farmers tools and knowledge to produce what is being considered some the best biomass within the South East.

Whether the end goal of your hemp crop is to be processed or sold as smokable, our goal for 2020 is to continue working with farmers to produce incredible hemp that will shine even under the great scrutiny.

In 2020 Grow With The Best

Blühen Botanicals Agricultural Advisory Services offer mulitple levels of involvement, from seed to shelf, so that we can help you to produce the highest yields from the best genetics. Some of these services include:

  • Genetic Procurement and Advising
  • Consumables Discounts (i.e. fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation materials)
  • Custom IPM Development Tailored to Each Individual Farm
  • All-Season Cannabinoid Testing and THC-Level Checks

We offer three unique levels to help farmers find an advisory schedule that best fits their farm.

Seed Level (Novice)  |  Bloom Level (Intermediate)  |  Field Level (Advanced)