Navigating the Essential Operations of Cannabis Suppliers

              On Friday, March 20, 2020, the state of California enacted a statewide lock-down, restricting access to community services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous other states have since followed suit, including New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Connecticut. However, not all services have shut down. While schools, restaurants, bars, and theatres are closed, certain services deemed “essential” may continue to operate.

              Included on the list of “essential” services in California is cannabis companies. Cannabis, which is deemed an “essential medicine,” by the state cannabis board, and will continue to be available throughout California at licensed dispensaries, should they choose to continue operating. The government does not differentiate between recreational and medical cannabis shops within the state, merely, whether the shop is licensed or not. It is currently unclear whether grocery-style rationing of cannabis products will occur, but the fact that cannabis companies are encouraged to continue operating amid the pandemic underscores a growing trend in American politics: the gradual acceptance and endorsement of plant-based products and remedies.

              But what does all this mean for the local CBD and hemp user? While no guidelines have been set forth in the state of Tennessee regarding the essential nature of the cannabis market as it is, we can use the state of California as a model for other states where cannabis is legal in one form or another. We understand that for some, the use of CBD and hemp-derived products have become a staple in their daily regime, and any interruption in that routine could cause further stress in an already stressful situation. To learn how we are helping to make sure your CBD needs are being met during the current crisis, click here for instructions on ordering, shipping, and delivery of everything from salves and tinctures to flower and smokeables.

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