Inside Our Flagship Store

Amy Kendziorski
Hemp Retail Director

Blühen Botanicals' flagship retail space in Knoxville’s Old City has a lot of personality – and for a reason! Our entire team is so proud of our products and café. Our visitors are greeted by one of our employees and introduced to our brand and our ever-growing line of products, from all natural hemp extract softgels and full spectrum hemp extract oil to premium flower and pre-rolls.

Education is hyper-important to the Blühen philosophy. We share with our customers where the CBD comes from and how it’s processed. We let them know that everyone working on it is local to Knoxville, and our farmers are in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. We fully disclose all the information about the product – where the seed came from, how it’s processed and manufactured, and, of course, how our customers feel each product has helped them in their wellness journey.

We have a café with CBD-infused food and drinks, a grow room for our Blühenberry hemp plants, and a lounge space where people can eat and drink, meet with others, or find some solitude as a work space. In our back room, we book community yoga, music and art events, and educational forums – all while leaving plenty of open time for our community to book it for their meetings, events, and gatherings.

With more than 10 years of experience in retail management, my focus is to make our space very comfortable and welcoming to the customer; to create the ultimate customer experience.

With it being such a new industry in Tennessee, I didn’t know much about CBD before I came to Blühen and I’ve learned that everyone’s wellness needs and desires are so different. Being a part of the process to our customers wellness discovery efforts is really fulfilling. Having the customer return with how a Blühen product made their life better? That’s what makes me happy.