Inside Farming Operations

Matthew DeBardelaben
Director of Farming Operations

Agriculture is central to human existence. It’s the space where our use of the land reflects our values; it is culture-making. It is essential to both our farming communities and city centers that what is produced meets up with the marketplace in meaningful ways.

It’s a privilege to be part of an organization bringing a new cash crop to farmers. Blühen Botanicals partners with farmers to bring a meaningful crop to market in a meaningful way. We produce a harvest intended for health and wellness.

When growing hemp, it’s vital to start with healthy soil and provide healthy inputs. As a health and wellness crop, there are currently no approved pesticides or herbicides. Our farmers employ natural and organic methods for weed and pest-control; it’s a bit like farming was in 1945.

Our farm team provides the expertise our farmers need. We bring 60+ years of expertise in agriculture, including scholarship in hemp production. We talk to farmers daily whether by phone, email, or visits to their farms. We walk their fields. We troubleshoot. When we see a pest, we help them come up with a pest control plan. That’s the sort of service we provide.

Currently, we have just over 150 contracted farmers.

Our team speaks to the quality of the Blühen product: we start with Certificates of Analysis for seeds; we know our farmers and their methods; we test their soils and grow in healthy ways. When harvested biomass goes into production and extraction, we track the batches throughout the process — from seed to harvested plant material, to the extracted oils and finally the package on the shelf.