Inside Cultivation

Erich Maelzer
Co-Founder and Director of Cultivation

I’ve always had a green thumb. Growing up, I helped my mom in the garden and loved it. As a teenager, I developed a passion for growing and started researching different ways to grow plants; I went as far as starting a successful YouTube channel teaching people how to grow hydroponic vegetables. I love bringing plants to life!

I oversee all of our plants at Blühen Botanicals – the different varieties and the genetic makeup of the plants.

About 2 ½ years ago, I started noticing how enhanced genetics of hemp were opening up a whole new market for it and knew there was going to be a big industry emerging for this product. Many conversations later, Joe [my partner and the other Co-Founder] decided it was time to do it and Blühen Botanicals was born.

A lot of planning, investment money, and research went into getting started. We traveled and researched different operations from Denver and Seattle to pretty much everywhere in between.

When we started Blühen, our idea was to produce hemp in an indoors grow facility. Then, we started working with farmers. With the tobacco and dairy industries declining, we were giving farmers a whole new crop and a new opportunity to provide for their families.

We have a team that helps farmers grow the crop and teaches them the right techniques, including when to plant, how much to water, how to manage pests, and more. It’s imperative for us to give them the knowledge to grow a successful crop; it’s a win-win situation.

Our products are developed from the highest quality hemp grown in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama – as well as from our indoor grow facility in Knoxville. We have set the bar for other companies by growing, processing, and creating the best quality product out there.

At the end of the day, it’s all about helping people live a better life – from our consumers to our farmers to our team.