Go Inside Our CBD Softgels

Are you ready to try CBD but not quite sure how best to use it? Blühen’s full spectrum CBD softgels are a great starting point.

Softgels are one of the most common ways to take CBD - and with good reason: they are simple, precise, and discreet. But for us, what matters is not just the ease of taking them, but what lies inside.

While many CBD companies import hemp from other countries, ours is grown in Tennessee and select farms in the Southeast. We value the relationships we have with our farmers and employ a six-person team to assist them in growing the most premium hemp possible. The land our farmers grow on and the crops they deliver are tested for heavy metals and pesticides to ensure our hemp is of the highest quality.

Once the hemp is dried and delivered to us, we need to extract the CBD through a process called—you guessed it—extraction. This gives us CBD in a concentrated form that can be consumed.

The plant’s cannabinoids (including CBD) and terpenes (which give the plant its scent) are dissolved into the ethanol, and the resulting product is CBD crude oil. It is a broad spectrum crude in that it contains the most natural components at this step. The oil can be further processed into distillate and then isolate (the purest form, essentially isolated CBD).

CBD crude oil is what Blühen uses in our softgels which are a formulation of crude oil and MCT oil derived from coconuts. They come together in a controlled-manufacturing process in which the product is quality tested and third-party verified to ensure an accurate cannabinoid potency and an absence of pesticides and heavy metals.

From seed to shelf, we are intentional about each ingredient and every step. And, as far as the softgels on our shelves go, many people find them an extremely efficient option. They are quick and convenient to take, there is no prep, and they never make a mess. They are also discreet, appearing much like any other vitamin or supplement you might take. The softgels contain an identical amount of CBD, so the dosage never changes. The bottom line: give these easy to use CBD gelcaps a try and see what they can do for you!