Bluhen Retail Architects Sanders Pace Looking to Win the 2020 American Institute of Architects, East Tennessee Chapter design awards

It goes without saying that our retail space at Blühen Botanicals is a thing of beauty, and the amazing architects at Sanders Pace were so proud of their work (as are we!) that they submitted their designs to the 2020 American Institute of Architects, East Tennessee Chapter design awards!

"This flagship retail location is located in the heart of a historic urban commercial district, and specifically placed on one half of the ground floor of a turn of the century mixed-use building. The idea behind the creation of such a large facility was to create a single location that would embody the goals of the company to focus on education of the industry, the creation and formulation of the unique hemp-based products and the distribution of them to the general public.

The message to the general public was considered in the design of each space, allowing the story of the dynamic and re-imagined industry to be told in many ways that allowed adaption to the individual patron’s curiosity and requests regarding their specific conditions and the benefits that the retail products possessed.

The project was completed in 109 days, including the first visit with the owner, through design and construction that led to a grand opening centered around a regional music festival that this startup company co-sponsored."

We are looking forward to the results of the awards! In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Design Awards will be streamed online on May 1st at 4 PM EST. Visit for more information. You can also vote for the project in the People’s Choice Award here